Driving Outback

Learn how to survive in the Outback without the modcons

When driving in the Outback and Remote areas of Australia, you need to take precautions. Conditions can change in an instant and leave you stranded for weeks.

The first recommendation is that you keep a survival bag in the car which has all the necessary items to help keep you going in times of need. Things such as first aid, water filtration (life straws), emergency solar blanket, matches etc. (Taking notes from this site can help limit the things you may need. )

The next recommendation is food. Take enough food with you to last 2 weeks longer than expected, that way if you do come into unexpected trouble, you can buy yourself time for help to arrive.

The third recommendation is water, I see many people broken down on the side of remote roads and with no water. A lot of people think that one litre per person is enough for a 500km drive, they fail to think about the what ifs. I suggest taking at least 20 ltrs per person.

The final recommendation is if you do become stuck, don’t leave your vehicle thinking that you can walk the 100+ kms back to town for help. Staying with your vehicle gives you a much bigger chance of being found and provides shelter from the harsh conditions.

Even the most experienced people can be stuck for weeks. Floods, fires and car problems are usually unforseen. Be prepared, do your research, or even better, learn how to survive without the modcons.

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