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Learn how to survive in the Outback without the modcons

Media coverage

Below is a list of media coverage that Jim has been involved in, feel free to have a look through them. Here’s a good and recent podcast. Jim was also interviewed by today morning show, new idea, the guardian and today tonight. The links for each should be available here soon. Please like/share to encourage…
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Recent issues fixed

Hi sorry all, I’ve had a few issues with the site since updating, one of the background programs wasn’t playing correctly. It all seems to be working ok again now!! On a brighter note, There’s now a games section for hen you get bored, some work on mobile, some need the PC or Laptop. Please…
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New Games Section

Below you will see a list of new games that we have added to the site to keep things interesting, we’ve tried to keep them as site related as possible Please like/share to encourage others to learn!!:

The Outback

The following images will be explained below. The images above are some of Jim’s Outback Photography. They were taken whilst in the shed, they’re part of Jim’s rock collection. This is just a quick blog to show people that if you look hard enough, there’s more to everything, especially in nature, it just depends on…
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