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Hints and tips for surviving in the Australian Outback.

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Files about the Outback

Find PDF Files about Bush Foods, Medicines and more

Group Chats

We have an activity wall as well as private messaging, group chats, friend requesting and more to help you learn or teach  others.

Discussion Forum

Aside from the chat, we also have a forum that is a great place for learning about precise parts of surviving in the Outback.

Learn how to survive

In the Aussie Outback

Jim’s Outback Survival Guide is a great place to find information about surviving in the Australian Outback.
We have a lot of information for our “Just Looking” people and have much, much more, to offer for our member.

Tool Making

Learn how to make tools and weapons from natural resources.


Learn how to track animals or people in the outback, you could help save someones life.Maybe yours.


Ways and means to build or find a shelter in the Outback with nature.

Food & Water

Get Information on how to find food and water when you really need it.


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Recent issues fixed

Hi sorry all, I’ve had a few issues with the site since updating, one of the background programs wasn’t playing correctly. It all seems to be working ok again now!![…]

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Below you will see a list of new games that we have added to the site to keep things interesting, we’ve tried to keep them as site related as possible

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